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Post by Kirin on Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:19 pm

Rules and Guidelines:

- Hacking and exploiting is a banable offense. If we think an exploit was a legitimate mistake on your part, you can appeal your ban. Players found hacking (using 3rd-party apps or otherwise manipulating the game files/code in unintended ways) will be perma-banned.

- Racial, homophobic, or sexist slurs are not allowed in chat. Offenders will be warned, repeated offenders will be banned. You don't have to be nice, just don't do these things.

- Please do not excessively complain about being killed, or "rage" against people in chat. This is a PvPvE enabled server, and PvP is a part of the game. It'd be nice if people could talk first, but we aren't going to force people to.

- Roleplaying is not mandatory, but we are RP-friendly. We'd like to encourage a little light roleplay!

- The admins don't WANT to ever have to ban people. It's not something we like doing, nor will we do it without letting you plead your case. But sometimes it may be necessary.

- The admins have a strict policy against any form of outside assistance to their own tribes or friends. We are careful about who we make staff for this reason; it will never be allowed and is grounds for immediate termination from staff. We're all here to play the game fairly the way it was intended.

Server settings:

PVP enabled
HUD allowed
No map pins
No crosshair
Non-Hardcore Mode

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