Announcement: Admins will assist in freeing creatures that get stuck in terrain.

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Announcement: Admins will assist in freeing creatures that get stuck in terrain.

Post by Kirin on Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:47 am

Hello everyone!

We've decided to start assisting people who get their dinos and creatures stuck in terrain, since there are a lot of buggy spots in the map, and nobody wants to lose a creature to a bug. There are a few guidelines, however:

- We will only free a creature if it is a legitimate terrain bug. Not if you fly off a waterside cliff on accident, or if you're surrounded by T-Rexes. Wink
- We cannot restore DEAD creatures. Only creatures that are still alive, and unable to get out of a patch of terrain.
- We are not rescuing dilos, dodos, and other little easily-replaceable things. Raptors and above only!
- We are not rescuing players, as we don't have a good method to do this yet and you always have a respawn option. A friendly player with a pteradon or a bird can always grab you, though.

We realize this is very limited as a service, but we don't want to get into the habit of trying to fix every bug in an early access game, it would work our two admins to the bone. However, due to the large tame times of most creatures, we made the decision to do this in certain cases.

How to request help for a stuck creature:

- Ask in global (though admins are not always online, try this first)
- Post on the forums (provide map coordinates and a screenshot if possible)
- Even if we help you in global chat, you MUST still post on the forums for transparency/tracking purposes! We have set up this new forum section for admin help requests.

There is no guarantee we will be able to get your creature out alive, but we will try!

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